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  About Us


The London Korean-Japanese Culture Club is originally from the Mito Korean Cultural Club, which was established in 2007 in Mito City in Japan. We provide individual and group lessons by qualified instructors to those who are interested in the language and culture of Korea and Japan.

Moreover, our long term goal is to deepen exchanges and friendship between Korea, Japan and the UK through helping people improve those languages as well as understanding different cultures. In addition to language tuition services, we also provide information on Korean and Japanese events to help you understand their cultures.

By learning Korean and Japanese, you will deepen your understanding of Korean and Japanese cultures and create many experiences and unique memories. You do not have to deliberately go to Korea or Japan as we can easily teach you the languages and cultures so that you can feel as if you are learning the languages in Korea or Japan. Further, it would be a great opportunity to and make Korean or Japanese friends in London!


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  From Your Representative




Konnichiwa! Annyeonghaseyo! My name is Min Jeong, The representative of the London Korean Japanese Cultural Club. I was born in Seoul, Korea and lived in Japan from 2003 to 2009. I studied Japanese at Mito International Japanese Language School and studied multinational business theory at Ibaraki University since 2005. As well as studying, I have spent many student years to improve my Japanese skills and understand their culture with a lots of Japanese people through various occupations and social activities.
I established Mito Korean Cultural Club in 2007 that provides Korean language and culture lessons to over 100 Japanese people in Japan. I also helped more than 50 Korean people living in Mito to quickly learn Japanese and settle in to their local lives.

As soon as I graduated from Ibaraki University in 2009 I came to London and established the London Korean Culture Club focusing on supporting people in London to learn Korean until I finish my Master’s course. I have taught Korean to more than 30 people living in London. One of my students who I impressed me was the young Japanese university student who learnt Korean from me for about two years and achieved TOPIK II 5 level (Korean language exam).

Japan and Korea are very close countries and widely known that they have a lots of similar words and culture, but from my experience living in both Korea and Japan there are a number of interesting cultural differences between them. These days, many people are interested in not only Japanese animation, J-POP and drama but also Korean entertainment such as K-POP and Korean films. Here in London, there is a chance to learn Korean and Japanese with us. Why not enjoy Korean and Japanese culture while studying Japanese with us? The London Japanese Korean Cultural Club is one of the best and most effective Korean and Japanese language organisations in London introducing unique Korean and Japanese culture through our private, group and Skype lessons.

  Career & Social Activities


  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1
  • Korean language instructor at ECC Foreign Language Institute
  • Korean lecturer at Yomiuri Cultural Centre
  • Korean Lecturer at Mito male and female culture centre
  • Mito Korean Culture Club Korean lecture
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Central Police Agency special interpreter
  • Kyodo Communication Group London Branch (EMB NNA) Corporate Sales
  • SOAS Business Japanese Speech Competition Winner 2015

Social Activities

  • Ibaraki Foreign Student Ambassador
  • Korean Student Association Chairperson at Ibaraki University
  • Mito UNESCO Association Youth Activity
  • 2006 Ibaraki Prefectural Foreigner Council Member
  • Korean Culture Course organiser
  • Individual Japanese language training for Korean people in Mito City
  • Established the Mito Korean Culture Club
  • Established the London Korean Culture Club
  • Established the London Korean Japanese Culture Club