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London Korean Japanese Culture Club

is an organisation to help people learn and understand Japanese and Korean languages and their cultures. We provide private, group and online lessons teaching in English, Korean and Japanese. You will be able to understand not only Korean or Japanese languages but also their interesting cultures you have never known before. London Korean Japanese Culture Club is one of the most effective and attractive foreign languages learning places in London as we provide our members not only Korean and Japanese lessons but also sharing a lots of cultural activities such as watching Korean or Japanese films, cooking Kimchi or Sushi and meeting Korean or Japanese people living in London. Let's learn Korean or Japanese with us right now! 


Meeting New Friends

You will participate in a group lesson with other class members having common interests in Korean or Japanese Pop, drama and animation. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to share with your class members some information about Korea and Japan.

Flexible place in London

Although our main class is located in Swiss Cottage, we will travel to any place where you prefer, your home, cafe, library or community centres. In addition, you will be able to take a lesson at between 9 am and 8 pm.

Learning in English, Korean or Japanese

We provide language lessons in three languages , English, Korean and Japanese. If your mother language is Japanese, you will be able to take our language lesson in Japanese. Moreover, if you are English and want to learn Korean or Japanese, we will provide your lesson in English.

Multi-language, multi-communication

There are a lot of people speaking over 3 languages in London. Moreover, there are a number of Korean and Japanese people living in London. You will be able to improve your multi-communication skills with Korean and Japanese people in London or preparing for a visit to Korea or Japan.


Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in Korean or Japanese lessons.