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한국어를 배워요!

Learning Korean in London!

Korean Alphabet is EASY!

Although some people might think that Korean characters are not familiar as they look like Egyptian hieroglyphics, Korean characters are very similar to English Alphabet. Korean language is used by using consonant and vowel separately. Moreover, in comparison with Chinese and Japanese, it is not necessary to memorise huge number of Chinese characters, using only 41 consonant and vowel is enough to speak Korean!


가다 (go)   ㄱ = g       ㄷ = d    ㅏ = a

                    가 = g + a    다 = d + a

                    가다 = gada

보다 (see)   ㅂ = b       ㄷ = d    ㅗ = o     ㅏ = a

                    보 = b + o    다 = d + a

                    보다 = boda

Simple Korean Expression!

Learning Korean in the entery level, you can improve quite quickly as Korean expression and grammar are much shorter than English expression. For example, you do not have to start from subject (I, you, he, she, it, that) and there is no change of verb spellings depending on the subject. Moreover, when you say feeling expression, you can say only adjective.

Maximising your enjoyment

If you love Korean drama, films or K-POP, you can doubly enjoy them with your knowledge of Korean language. In the near future you will be able to watch Korean drama and films without subtitle and sing a Korean song in Karaoke bar. Moreover, you can understand the Korean food name on the Korean restaurant menu and search with Korean words on Youtube to learn how to cook Korean food!

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