Lesson Level

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Elementary 1

1 ~ 3 months (basic)

Structure of Korean, Japanese
Read and write
Using a dictionary
Basic conversation

Elementary 2

3 ~ 6 months (beginner 1)

Basic conversation
Writing a diary
Writing a letter
Email and chat
Internet search

Elementary 3

6 ~ 9 months (beginner 2)

Daily conversation
20% of the lessons in Korean or Japanese
Listening K-POP J-POP,
Korean, Japanese drama
Basic presentation in Korean, Japanese


9 ~ 12 months (Intermediate 1)

40% of the lessons in Korean, Japanese
Managing Korean or Japanese blogs
Make a new Korean, Japanese friends
Reading Korean Japanese magazines
Enjoying Youtube in Korean, Japanese

Upper Intermediate

12  ~ 18 months (Intermediate 2)

60% of the lessons in Korean or Japanese
Intermediate Korean Japanese exam
Korean Japanese actor's fan club activity
Preparation for studying in Korea Japan
Korean Japanese songs


18 months ~ Advanced

90% of the lessons in Korean or Japanese
Advanced Korean Japanese Exam
Translation and Translation exercises
Watching drama without subtitles
SNS management in Korean Japanese

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